It has been barely a year since Jeb Dunnuck left the prestigious publication “The Wine Advocated”, where he was the main critic of California, Washington and the South of France from 2013 to 2017, to launch his own digital publication.

The 42 year old´s interest in the world of wine did not begin until he was 22 years old when he was living abroad and travelling around Europe. In 2001 he was captivated by the wines of the Rhone Valley and the Rhone Ranger Movement in California and Washington. That was it and seven years later he created his first publication and independent website “The Rhone Report”, a quarterly informative bulletin where he analyses wines of the Rhone variety from around the world and which in 2013 was read in more than 24 countries.

The return to his roots as independent wine critic with his website has led him to reflect on the role of the wine critic as a “model of single voice” and not a “team focus based on brand”. The aim of his publication is to offer complete information, up-to-date and focused on the consumer, about the most interesting wines from California, Washington, the South of France and Bordeaux. Meanwhile, he does not forget the more curious facet of making discoveries throughout the world, like some Spanish wines among them those that are found at Bodegas Volver.

In his bimonthly publications, the critic offers comments on innovation and reviews about the best wine producers and vine-growers of the world- Dunnuck claims to open consumers´ eyes. The history and brand of a wine are values that blind is, says the taster, at the moment of judging the quality of what we have in the glass.

For almost two years, illustrious Robert Parker has been retired as a taster from Bordeaux, the wines which drove him as a world renowned critic and to which he gave the best reputation on the planet. Today, figures like Jeb Dunnuck, who Parker himself considers a younger version of himself, has earned worldwide recognition within this profession.