Pincel Monastrell

VINEYARD: On the border with the region of Alicante you can find the vineyards of Pincel distributed across various parcels.

YEAR(S) PLANTED: This wine comes from vineyards that were planted between 1977 and 1987, on arid and shallow soils.

GRAPE VARIETAL: The dominant varietal for the region is Monastrell, due to the varietal’s ability to withstand extreme temperature conditions and minimal precipitation.

YIELDS: 3-4 kg per plant.

ALTITUDE: 650-700 m.

SOILS: The soil is very poor in organic material and is full of rocks derived from chalk. Limestone is the main characteristic of the soil and constitutes the mother rock. The element of sand allows the ungrafted vineyards to survive.

CLIMATE: The climate in this region is continental with cold winters of 15° C during the day and -2° C at night. The summers are a hot 35° C during the day and go down to10° C -15° C at night with little to no rainfall.

HARVEST: Late harvest , at the end of October all done by hand.

WINEMAKING: The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in barrels and is aged in 100 % French oak for 16 months.