Tarima Sparkling

D.O. Alicante

Moscatel de Alejandría & Merseguera

Vintage:  The year qualified as excellent. Characterized by the drought one year more, although the summer was milder and the Spring rains resulted in a longer ripening which produced grapes of the highest quality. Harvest at the end of August.

Vineyard: The vineyards of Tarima are situated between the Sierra de Salinas, Sierra de Umbria and Sierra de La Sima at an altitude of 600 to 750 metres above sea level. The grapes of this wine come from a total of 20 hectares planted between 1960 and 1970. All of them are grown on the low system, under natural conditions. Lime soils, poor in organic matter, which give low production.

Production: Charmat method (Granvas, cuve close). Fermentation of musts in a pressurised tank under rigorous temperature control

Analysis:  Fruity, floral notes, lightly sweet, well-mineralised beneath the fruit with a fine persistent bubble. Drink as an aperitif or with a simple fruit dessert.

Latest Prizes

R. Parker Wine Advocate: 85 points Tarima Sparkling 2015.
J. Raynolds - Vinous: 89 points Tarima Sparkling 2015.
eRobertParker: 85 points Tarima Sparkling 2015.

DO Alicante

Alicante wines have been awarded numerous national and international awards, and they are highly rated by wine experts. Over time, various Iberian settlements, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs as well as Christians have contributed to the historical background and experience of this D.O. (designation of origin) which spans thousands of years.

Archaeological finds have disinterred ancient villas, wine amphoras, jugs, utensils as well as other amphora remains. In 1510, King Ferdinand the Catholic banned the distribution of wines from other territories. Orihuela, Jijona, Monforte and Novelda were at that time high yielding wine producers.

According to the D. O. Alicante Regulatory Council, there are 44 wineries spread across an area of 14,613 hectares of vineyards situated on both sides of the Vinalopó River in Alicante province.

The province of Alicante produces: 

  • White varieties – Chardonnay, Macabeo, Meseguera, Moscatel of Alexandria, Sauvignon Blanc, Planta Fina and Verdil.
  • And red varieties – Garnacha Tinta, Garnacha Tintorera, Monastrell, Tempranillo, Bobal, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Noir and Shyra.

Wines produced in Alicante include young, white, rosé and red (with an indication of the vintage on the label), harvest, aged (aged for 24 months), reserve (aged for 36 months) and grand reserve (aged for 42 months), mature wines and muscatel wines produced in the Marina area from the Moscatel of Alexandria grape variety, as well as the internationally renowned Fondillón made from the Monastrell grape. Aged wines must be at least two calendar years old.