Spring has arrived and after the Winter rest, the vine begins to awaken from its lethargy with its sturdy bare trunk free of the long shoots and dry, twisted  tendrils that were pruned once its red autumnal leaves had fallen.

With temperatures reaching 15ºC, the roots absorb the moisture and nutrients from the earth. Then the sap begins to move along the trunk and branches until it reaches the tips. The liquid flows through the cuts and droplets are known as “weeping”.

This “weeping of the vine” usually takes place between March and April and can last 7 to 10 days, until the earth reaches the temperature necessary to reactivate the new cycle. From that moment, the plant begins to shoot and its buds turn into green leaves in April and May

The leaves are an essential part of the vine. They carry out vital functions of the plant: transpiration, respiration and photosynthesis. Furthermore, in May the Vine-growers only leave the leaves that are necessary after the pruning and eliminate those on the branches and trunk to avoid excess of vegetation and grapes

In the last month of Spring the flowers begin to blossom when the climate is right, since the sun is a vital element for the vine. It is this stage of flowering that marks the size of the harvest and sets the date for the beginning of the harvest.