Vino de la Tierra de Castilla

Vintage: An exceptional year in terms of mild temperatures and well-timed rainfalls in spring, that have helped the slow ripening of Macabeo and Verdejo varieties which this 2018’s vintage is elaborated with. The harvest has been carried out later than the usual dates taking care of the vegetative cycle and optimum ripeness of the grapes.

Vineyard: Located at the southeast of Cuenca province, in the town of Casas de Los Pinos, at an average of 600/700 meters above sea level, influenced by an extreme continental climate and surrounded by pine forests and underbrush, all of them factors that form an exceptional shield for vines’ health, circumstances that allow a  ultivation with minimal interventions, environmentally friendly.

Vinification:Hand-harvested after the second week of September. The wine is fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. In every winemaking step, effort is made to retain freshness and bright acidity.

Tasting Analysis: This wine features a beautiful greenish yellow colour, bright. Floral notes and ripe fruit aromas. Fresh in the mouth, with crisp acidity and slight sweetness.