The pretigious magazine Wine Spectator has placed the wine from Bodegas Volver at number 17 in its Top 100 of this year. It is the best-classified wines and received 92 Parker points. This recognition shot its demand to more than 50,000 bottles in less than a few hours

‘Tarima Hill 2015’, one of the wines of Denomination of Origien Alicante from Bodegas Volver has been awarded for its quality, value, availibility and emotion for some of the most influential critics in the wine world. The renowned North American publication Wine Spectator, with more than 30 years of experience and influence in the wine sector has catalogued it as one of the most excellent wines of the world. It occupies position 17, above other Spanish wines, from the top 100 wines of this year for its “elegance and intensity” the magazines announced.

The harvest of 2014 was already under way when the renowned Robert Parker in his magazine The Wine Advocate, a reference for professionals and consumers of wine, awarded Tarima Hill of that year with 92 points. Equally, the Peñin Guide, distinguished manual of Spanish wines, recognised it with another 92 points.

The wine, the creation of Rafael Cañizares, enologist and founder of Bodegas Volver, is created with 100% Monastrell grapes which are found in the region of Alicante and characterised by its fine aging. “It is a very well-structured wine with a sweet finish that gives it a roundness that makes it easy to drink. Its aromas are toasted, of leather and spices”, its creator says.

The key to this Alicante wine is its rest in French oal barrels. This class of wood is the one that best adapts to the wine that Bodegas Volver produces. Although the production of the wine is important, for Rafael Cañizares he does not forget his viticultural roots and that the foundation of a good wine is found in a good vineyard and its care.

The logo that we see on bottles of Tarima is the passion flower; one of the fundamental pillars of the winery along with Culture and Tradition for the wine. Bodegas Volver is part of the Wine Route of Alicante and in the coming months will open its door for wine tasting and guided tours with the aim of sharing its passion for wine with its visitors.