Cava Sofía Cañizares

Chardonnay & Macabeo
The grapes come from certified organic vineyard.

D.O. Cava

PRODUCTION: The harvest and pre fermentative cold maceration of each variety is done separately, to preserve the aromas and freshness of each variety. Then the first fermentation occurs under the control of temperature.
Yeasts and sugar are added to our base wine which we
then leave in a sealed bottle.This operation is known as
tirage. Once inside the bottle, the yeasts start to act on
the sugar, turning it into alcohol and releasing natural
CO2, as in any fermentation process. The difference in
this case is that the CO2 remains trapped inside the
bottle and is gradually absorbed into the wine. This gives birth to the coveted fine bubbles contained in sparkling wines made according to the traditional method.
The wine is aged for 12 months, and the expedition
liquors come from our base wine, which is essential to
respect the aromas of this wine.

TASTING NOTES: Beautiful light yellow color with golden highlights with very bright tones.
Lively fresh notes with white fruits, flowers, and
Mediterranean herbs become a balanced wine with
delicate aging notes, brioche, butter.
Fine bubbles, clear freshness in the mouth with an
elegant finish.